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As we all know, the outbreak of the pandemic affected the education sector in a very bad manner. The major reason for this was that we were not prepared for this crisis. Educational institutions only have the traditional classroom set ups and even the smart class is meant only with a projector and screen. At that time most of the institutions including international schools and universities faced a crisis in education.

Like someone told about crisis results inventions, now all are conscious about the updated online education they get. So, in a few years it is impossible to survive in an educational institution without e-learning and teaching technologies. Every educational institution should have studio and e learning equipment.

Why do educational institutions need edutech studios?

Education is a fast updating and changing field compared to others. The shift from traditional classes to online classes changed everything. These changes in the stereotype classrooms paved wide varieties of opportunities in the education industry. The infrastructure and facilities are the basic factor in educational institutions valued by all students and parents. As per the UGC circular, blended learning will be the future of education, which increases the quality of education by seeking technology development. So, every institution has to update their online learning options as it demands.

Looking for the best edutech media solutions?

Sugees E-Studyroom executes the best edutech studio and equipment within your budget. If you are a part of an institution, which is thriving to be the first and best, undoubtedly you can choose E-Studyroom. Besides the studio set up they are also training the teachers and tutors in the institution. E-Studyroom is focusing on most effective and cost-effective educational technology solutions.  You can contact E Studyroom to know more about their services.

Let us know what India’s first exclusive edutech studio solution provides you!

  • Edutech Media Solution

    E-Studyroom execute a studio as per your needs and the type of education. The specialised and world class studio at reasonable price is the significance of E-Studyroom. Education institutions and academies were confused about the equipments and the installation process. But E-Studyroom provides you the best solution with high quality and low budget products and expense.

  • Edutech studio training

Even though the studio is executed, the experts to handle the technologies is essential. Every educational institution not have such facilities, even they have staffs, there is no teachers who know the technologies. E-Studyroom provides you the best training and practical sessions for all the teaching and supporting staffs. 

  • Consultancy

The company acts as a guide to your projects and gives valuable information for minimising work and escalating the quality. By this, every institution can avoid the tensions and confusions about the studio set up and its technical purchase. The company can provide you with innovative audio and video solutions with long-lasting life. Purchase the technology at your own price with no worries. Besides this, if you have any issues about the devices or studio, E-Studyroom is here for you. 

For further details and inquiries, contact E-Studyroom website or call +918939111473