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Edutech Studio Training for Teachers: Keep Training and Keep Learning

Education has undergone significant transformations with the rise of e-learning in which teaching is done via digital platforms. Being physically present in a classroom is not the only way of learning. Here a student can learn the teaching content as well as the technologies. All we have to do for this revolution is creating a full-fledged studio and the perfect edutech studio training for teachers. Teachers are the content creators and information providers to the students. The digital literacy which is necessary for all upcoming students and citizens have to learn from their teachers.

Why do we need to train teachers?

Edutech Studio Training for Teachers

It is not possible to recruit technicians to manage every class in an educational institution. Here the teachers don’t have to be professional cameramen or editors. Only they have to learn the basics of equipment and how they work. As per the UGC circular, blended learning is the future of education. Hence the teachers should know how to place the equipment and how it works. By this training, the teachers get the idea of how to present in front of a class and the learning process becomes creative. For instance, the basic example of online education platforms like Gmeet and Zoom is popular after the outbreak of pandemic. Sharing screens for presentations or showing their zoomed faces were not the edutech learning process. Digital literacy in teachers is really important in this fast paced development time. Besides all these, competing with the fast technical developing era is really tough without the technological knowledge and its access especially in the education sector.

Advantages of Edutech studio training


E-learning is more flexible than the traditional education system. Identifying the pace of each student and teachers by setting time and content according to everyone’s agenda is the great advantage. Here the concept of traditional education is outdated. Students and teachers can communicate at the time they wish. This seems great, because the stress and physical energy loss happening between studies and travel will decrease. Students can also concentrate in extracurricular activities and part time jobs. There is no need for physical presence. Learning means the presence of mind and active listening of classes, all that happens in edutech studios.

Digital literacy

Advantages of Edutech studio training

The teaching through an online process with the help of an edutech studio, helps to reduce the cost of buying books, blackboard, chalks and all other materials. To establish your presence in the modern world, you have to know digital technology and its access. Unlike others, the new generation have greater access to all the technical equipment and they are skilled with even mobile phones at the age of 4 or 5. Hence the teachers also want to upgrade. Otherwise the digital literacy gap happens between teachers and students.

Customized study 24×7

Unlike the schools and colleges time schedule, e-learning haven’t specific timings. The classroom is narrow for individual communication and valuation. Here the institution fixes customized time and content for students as per the need which easily helps to understand the capabilities of students. There are no time limits for doubt clearance and learning. In a classroom, it’s impossible to communicate with each and every student during rush teaching hours. But online learning gives customized classes and materials according to the capabilities of students. Because there are no time or space limits in online learning.

Are you looking for a better Edutech studio and training?

Don’t worry, The E-Studyroom, India’s first exclusive edutech studio solution company is making all the education institutions’ infrastructure perfect for blended learning. Here the transition of traditional classrooms into the edutech studio becomes the necessary facility to be built in an educational institution. Providing edutech studios, micro-studio setup, live virtual online classes, and media solutions were the significant duties of the E-Studyroom.

E-Studyroom, India's first exclusive edutech studio solution company

Training teachers

The teachers or the institution staff may not be trained and experienced in edu technologies. Here comes the significant service offered by E-Studyroom, to mould the teachers and scholars for expertising in these technologies. The training section of E-Studyroom for the teachers resulted in great progress in the field of edutech. Even students can learn and handle the technologies on edu tech media. The clear and experienced learning by the teachers help to avoid external workforce expenses and also get internal talents within the organizations.

Supporting staff training

Besides the major operations handled by the teachers, the technical works inside the PCR (production control room) is carried out by the supporting staff. E-Studyroom train the supporting staff of the institution for operating all the edutech equipments. This helps to avoid the external force recruitment and the internal force become skills and expertise in edutech operations. Being expertise on the technical field makes you more advantage and such facilities gives you extra attention and reach.

Ideas for your overall content creation

E-Studyroom provides you with better ideas for content. The ultimate content creators are the educational institutions and teachers, but the way that the content should present or the visual appeal for attention seeking ideas is really important. Hence, E-Studyroom gives you that advantage. Free ideas for your subject neither it is biology or maths, E-Studyroom provides the best ideas for teaching. The company also acts as a consultancy for online education. Doesn’t matter who you are, E-Studyroom gives you all the ideas and training by executing studios all over India.
The E-Studyroom becomes the platform for communicating information in a creative manner where the students observe and learn classes from videos, lectures, podcasts, recordings and online interactive sessions.